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With ever increasing infrastructure and cities growing tall, prices of land shooting higher than ever hence comes the need to shrink parking space but increase the space to park the cars. Hence electro-mechanical parking comes to rescue. “Avon Parking Automation” has gained prominence as a manufacture of car parking systems.

We offer lots of varieties of car parking systems, such as Hydraulic Stack Parking, Motorized Stack Parking, Three Level Stack Parking, Tower Parking and Puzzle Parking, etc. We also make Tailor made systems as per client’s special needs.

Our parking systems are utilized extensively by commercial and residential buildings and campuses. A domestic distribution network allows us to provide full coverage to all over the nation. Hence, we are now looking to extend our reach to export globally with our quality standards.

Our manufacturing facility spans over 5000 Sq.ft. currently located at Vasai, which connects seamlessly to Mumbai, Gujrat and major routes towards different states in India. We have an experienced staff dedicated to our company and therefore our client. Efficient communications with client-side representatives allows us to meet their exact demands. Our implementation of advanced information technology enables high proficiency. In this capacity, we can effectively eliminate overly complex processes for procedures such as machine operation, maintenance and technical management.

We have successfully passed the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification. Needlessly stating or standard and quality of execution of our work and performance. The reputation of “Avon Parking Automation” is built upon solid foundation of outstanding quality. Ongoing support from our client has greatly contributed towards your development and expansion efforts. Your confidence is our products is the driving force behind our dedication.